You Won’t Believe How Many Unsolved Mysteries Are Actually…Solved.

With all of the technology and information we have access to, it’s amazing how there are still so many mysteries in the world. Some of the most famous mysteries like Bigfoot, The Bermuda Triangle, and The Loch Ness Monster are still talked about. How hasn’t anyone used what we have today to solve these mysteries?

…as it turns out, they might have been solved already. Most people just might not know it.

1. Crop Circles

No, crop circles aren’t the aliens’ way to communicate with us earthlings. Despite their out-of-this-world appearance, they’re simply the work of some tremendously talented–not to mention, bored–people who have no trouble creating such designs in a short amount of time using simple supplies like planks, rope, and wire.

2. The Belmez Faces

Back in the 1970s, Maria Pereira of Belmez, Spain claimed to have spotted what looked like a human face on the cement floor of her home. After destroying that floor and installing a new one, even more faces began to appear. Soon after, she discovered that her home was built on top of a old graveyard. While many were quick to assume that the faces were created by the spirits of those the house rested on, but scientists later found that the faces were likely the work of Maria Pereira’s mischievous son.

3. Loch Ness Monster

The thrill of potentially seeing the Loch Ness Monster or “Nessie” has drawn many to Scotland over the years, but the reality is this gigantic beast does not exist. The idea that a prehistoric creature is living in a loch that is merely 10,000 years old simply does not make sense. Most people believe it to be a hoax, but it’s still fun to think about.

4. Bigfoot

We’ve all seen the famous, grainy footage of Bigfoot in Bluff Creek, California, but unfortunately for believers and very fortunately for people living in the surrounding area, a man named Bob Heironimus admitted that he wore an ape suit for the purpose of staging a false Bigfoot sighting.

5. The Bermuda Triangle

With all of the crashes and disappearances its had through the years, you’d have to be a fool not to realize that something seriously strange is going on here, right? Wrong. If you examined any area with that sort of airplane traffic, you’d notice the numbers of disasters to be quite comparable.

6. Pyramid Power


When a French hardware dealer discovered that animals corpses in the Pyramid of Cheops had little-to-no decomposition, he praised something called “Pyramid Power” for their lack of decay. While that does sound great, the real explanation for the animals’ preserved bodies can be marked down as some top notch mummification.

7. Stonehenge

While we still don’t know why Stonehenge was built, it has been determined how this eerie attraction of the British countryside was built roughly 5,000 years ago. It is thought that the stones were dragged from Welsh and English mountains as part of a religious ceremony–one that was 1,500 years in the making.

(via world-of-lucid-dreaming)

Whoa. These totally make sense, but I think I might miss the mystery involved with not knowing. And I’m not just saying that because I bought non-refundable plane tickets to Scotland.