You Should Know These 14 Facts Before Shopping On Black Friday

Thanksgiving is upon us. Only a few days remain between now and when we give thanks (and stuff our faces with turkey). This also means we are a few days away from the biggest shopping day of the year. These are 14 important things you should know about Black Friday, but probably never learned.

1. Imagine what the numbers will be this year.

2. They just fueled themselves up with turkey.

3. Get the latest fashions.

4. It’s a shame that these tragedies happen frequently now.

5. Well, you need to do research before you buy.

6. I wonder what the bigger shopping days are.

7. Just be patient.

8. What a shame. No present is worth that.

9. We’ve been duped!

10. Don’t get hoodwinked by the doorbuster deals!

11. Christmas advertising starts way before Thanksgiving.

12. Well, that’s one way to defend yourself.

13. That’s an interesting history.

14. That seems so long ago.

Stay safe this holiday shopping season, but also get all the deals you can. Be smart about your investments, because it appears even Black Friday can be a scam sometimes.