You Couldn’t Get Me Into This Haunted House For 5,000 Scooby Snacks. NO THANKS.

These people showed up recently at the abandoned Landguard Fort and were creeped out beyond imagination. Strolling through the 17th century hallways, skulking through prison cells, and tramping the World War II renovations, what they saw has my skin crawling. I can’t stop feeling like somethings just… around… the corner.

Built just outside Felixstowe, Suffolk, at the mouth of the River Orwell, Landguard Fort, or Langer Fort as it was originally known, was designed to guard the entrance to Harwich, England.

The first fortifications from 1540 were a few earthworks and blockhouse, but it was James I of England who ordered the construction of a square fort with bulwarks at each corner.

A new Fort battery was built in 1717, and a complete new fort on an adjoining site was started in 1745 to a pentagonal bastioned trace.

New batteries were built in the 1750s and 1780, but the biggest change was in the 1870s where the interior barracks were rebuilt to a keep-like design, the river frontage was rebuilt with a new casemated battery covered by a very unusual caponier with a quarter sphere bomb proof nose.

During the Second World War, it was used as one of the balloon launch sites of Operation Outward

This was a project to attack Germany by means of free-flying hydrogen balloons that carried incendiary devices or trailing steel wires (intended to damage power lines.)

Between 1942 and 1944, many thousands of balloons were launched.

Visitors as well as local people, have their own experiences of paranormal activity in or around the Fort.

The most common being the image of a sailor looking out of the top right window (the side visible from the road).

Most reports were from the 1990s, but occasionally there are still claims that people were “pushed” whilst visiting the top floors.


Ok can we go?

Seriously, it’s so nice outside. Let’s go outside.

What even is this?



Ghosts can’t jump through computers, right?


Goodbye, creepy fort.

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