Why This Guy Takes Forever To Power Wash His Sidewalk Is Incredibly Cool. I Love These.

Home maintenance can be a pain and take hours to complete, but keeping your property in good condition is a must. Power washing can help clean vinyl siding, driveways and sidewalks, but it’s not an easy process. It takes this guy a little longer than normal to power wash the concrete slabs outside of his home, but that’s because he does something awesome while he does it… He isn’t just cleaning the concrete. He is transforming it into larger-than-life artwork.

This is his first attempt at power washer art.

He chalked the outline first, then used the power washer.

He didn’t realize it’d turn out THIS good.

Time for Pikachu! First, the chalking…

“Then you very quickly line out the image. Making sure to make the white areas thinner than normal, and the dark areas fatter than normal. (It is a reduction process, since you can’t add any more aged dirt to fix mistakes.)”

The finished product. (Wow.)

“I wanted to attempt an image with more dark then light, so went with everyone’s favorite robot.”

“This was pretty difficult to get the thicknesses of the eye lenses along with the mouth without taking too much away.”

It took him approximately 30 minutes to create this, including chalk out.

The artist himself (5’10”) for scale.

Chalked out a minimalist storm trooper design.

Making the lines…

Finished and cleaned up!

This also took approximately 30 minutes.

“Being a light and dark process figured a Miyazaki tree spirit would be perfect. Then with Mario Kart 8, made a connection between likeness between the characters, so thought I would give it a whirl.”

“Are we brothers?”

Looks a little messy now.

But it’s all worth it.

“This is by far the hardest power wash out of this whole album. It was smaller than the rest and had the smallest room for error. Start to finish approx 1 hr 30 minutes, including chalking out.”

It would be so tempting to leave it just like this…

Majora’s Mask from the Zelda games. First, a huge chalk outline.

Then, some careful line-making.

Chipping away at the dark.

“If you attempt this, make sure you keep the nozzle at least 6″-8″ away from the ground. I definitely accidentally etched most of Majora’s Mask into our backyard concrete slab. I’m not mad, but as long as the parents don’t notice, I won’t notice.”

It took him approximately 5 hours to complete the mask.

It was so worth it.

Just look at how big this masterpiece is!

And finally, a classic: Frank’s mask from Donnie Darko.

It took about 3 hours to complete this one.

It’s also oversized, like the other mask.

This mask combination was an awesome design choice.

Power washing for the win.

Source: Reddit Whistling while you work can help the time pass, but it’s even more fun if you’re creating something really cool while you work. I’m suddenly inspired to buy a power washer… Share his power washer artwork by clicking on the button below.