What This Guy Did After A Storm Destroyed His Fence Is Totally Brilliant. Take That, Nature!

Sometimes, Mother Nature can get the best of us. Floods can ruin the engines in our cars and lightning our television receivers. Oh, and high winds can tear down a beautiful fence. That’s what happened to the fence line at a new house this man bought. Only five months after his initial purchase, this fence came down. Instead of mourning the strong spring storm, the homeowner decided to take his lemons and make lemonade.

A storm with high winds tore down the fence the homeowner hoped would last a few years.

After having it taken down, he saw it leaning against a wall and got an idea.

“I ultimately decided the gate as-is wasn’t as great as I wanted for a headboard, but now had piles of old fence post to work with and sketched out some rough plans to create a similar-ish design.”

“Cut the would randomly to rows of my specified. I added in some new fence posts I had and pallet wood to add some diversity.”

“Sanded down very, very lightly to keep all of the imperfections and added some random stains from my pile of various stains.”

Attempting to straighten the boards a little…

He was thinking of attaching the headboard with cleats…

“I decided to not go with cleats and rather screw the headboard directly to the studs. Stability and security was my number one concern.”

“I added cross boards on the back to keep the boards together and align with the studs in my room. I used a pocket jig to attach some of the horizontal boards, but in some places I used metal plates to reenforce. I also drilled holes for my semi-decorative lights I was going to include. “

Overall, the owner was happy with the headboard…

It looks so cool, we can understand why.

Source: Reddit This is how you take the lemons life hands you and turn them into lemonade. This should be a lesson you remember forever… and share with others!