What This Artist Did To Your Favorite Childhood Characters Is Pure Evil. But LOL.

Taiwanese artist Ben Chen specializes in the darkest of humor. His most famous series features beloved childhood characters doing downright evil things to each other. It’s an interesting meditation on cartoon innocence and cartoon anarchy. As grim as some of these images are, you have to marvel at the creativity of some these murderous pop icons, such as Christopher Robin’s use of Tigger’s disembodied as a pogo stick.

Anyone can appreciate these (especially you happen to be a parent who is a little tired of watching cartoons all day).

Little Red Riding Chocolate Cookie suspects something is wrong with Grandma.

Hopefully this will keep them from making a Cars 3.

128 Hours would be a decidedly boring movie if they went with this casting choice.

What a strange dog indeed.

Koopa Kong.

This is somehow more offensive than a murder singing racist crows.


This pole vaulter happily caught Pinocchio in a lie.

Something smells fishy here, and it’s not Flounder.

When will Pinocchio learn his lesson?

So creepy how you can’t see Christopher Robin’s eyes here.

Bippity boppity….Ahhhh!!!

‘V’ for ‘very scared Pacman’.

She really should have done this way earlier on in the movie.

Somehow having your adolescent mom hit on you didn’t seem so bad.

Humpty Dumpty took a great fall.

The Scarecrow finally found his brain.

Since Dumbo was my brother’s favorite movie, I showed him what a circus trainer would do to him in this scary cartoon reality. Something tells me that made him cry harder than when Dumbo’s mom sang “Baby Mine.”

Don’t forget to check out Ben Chen on Flickr, and also buy the shirts he designs for threadless.