What Happens In This Remote Town Every October Is Frighteningly Awesome. I Had No Idea.

Every year, starting in October, a town in northern Manitoba gets swarmed by the largest carnivore that is walking the Earth today. Over 900 polar bears arrive at this town after their summer hibernation. They may be adorable, but it mustn’t be forgotten that  they’re also powerful killers. It might seem cool that so many polar bears surround the town of Churchill, but they can pose a serious threat to safety. The outer streets are lined with bear traps and the town is closely monitored by the Polar Bear Alert team. However, as long as proper precautions are taken, this yearly spectacle is a must-see.

Even though the polar bears are fierce, attacks are fairly rare.

The town respects their power and keeps a safe distance.

Churchill is a wonderful example of how man and nature can co-exist.

The tundra buggies let townfolk and tourists see the bears up close.

Encountering the bears in the wild is very easy.

The thin bears are out and ready to head north so they can begin feeding on seals.

The young bears are also out learning what it is to be a polar bear.

The buggies offer protection from the beasts.

But they also give people an opportunity to get up close and personal.

This is the world’s mostclosely studied polar bear population, so feeding bears here is prohibited.

Scientists want there to be as little human intervention as possible.

Not only that, but these predators won’t hesitate to bite or swipe at your hand.

They may look cuddly, but they are tough.

Climate change has resulted in longer summers, resulting in the Hudson Bay taking longer to freeze.

Some bears haven’t adjusted their biological clocks, so some don’t wake up late enough and starve.

Filmmakers flock to Churchill to see the bears, who can often be found sparring…

Or just socializing with others.

Seeing these creatures during the annual polar bear migration should be on your bucket list.

(H/T Mentalfloss) Even though polar bears are used in advertising and other media, it shouldn’t be forgotten just how powerful they are. Seeing one in the wild would be an intense experience, they are more vicious and bigger than you could imagine. It’s incredible anyone still lives in Churchill, knowing that the bears take it over every year. Share this incredible event with others.