What Happened In Indonesia Looks Like It Could Be From A Sci-Fi Movie

German photographer Martin Rietze captured a rare sight when the Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupted. He was able to photograph a lightning storm inside the volcanic ash. The results were truly terrifying as lightning, ash, and tornadoes descended on neighboring villages, wrecking everything in their path. This is a chilling reminder of nature’s awesome power, and a nasty warning of the damage done by volcanoes.

The lightning storm was caused by static electricity generated from the collision of fine ash grains in the air.

Combined with a 8,000 Ft tall erupting volcano, this packed a punch no place on Earth can take.

This Indonesian volcano actually was dormant for 400 years, until it erupted in 2010 (and several times since).

It created deadly, even silent pyroclastic flows that engulfed and blew away towns.

“All crops were destroyed and its inhabitants were evacuated,” according to a report. “The mini tornadoes are caused by the hot air from the pyroclastic flow mixing with surrounding air which generates high momentum, spinning air combined with fine dust and ash.”

The eruption captured here did not result in any deaths.

However, an ensuing eruption and series of tornadoes would later take the lives of several observers days later.

(via Daily Mail)

Martin gave us a glimpse of something on Earth few have ever seen. The expert photographer was clearly in the right place at the right time, providing images that will last forever. He thankfully got out safe from the nightmarish lightning storms.