We Need To Watch Our Pets More Closely, Otherwise Stuff Like This Happens.

Our pets are unpredictable. You can come home on a random day to find your furniture chewed to bits, your shoes are ruined, and you pet poop is everywhere. Well, a day like that is nothing compared to these insane animals who give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” (In this case, the cats are the humans and the mice are the cats/dogs.) The metaphor is lost at this point, so just look in wonderment at the craziest things pets have eaten.

1. This Great Dane ate 43 1/2 socks.

2. An arrowhead is definitely not a thing you want in your stomach.

3. Far out brah! Looks like we’ll need to buy another hacky sack.

4. Well, now you’re in the hole. This pug ate $1.29 aka 104 pennies and a quarter.

5. Alien invasion! This pooch had a little alien action figure for dinner.

6. I think we all know what that is.

7. Sewing needles. Oh no!

8. Who even owns 5 rubber duckies for this dog to eat?!

9. How are we going to watch TV without the antenna?!

10. Pocket knives belong in your pocket, not in your dog.

11. This poor dog just straight up ate pea gravel.

12. Whoops, I caught a dog instead of a fish!

13. He was so hungry that he ate the spoon too!

14. This is an honest mistake. One bearded dragon was just hungry for a Barbie banana.

15. This frog became heavy after it ate 30 rocks.

16. It’s a dog eat dog world, especially when your dog swallows dog figurines.

17. Where’d your support go? In this dog’s stomach after it ate your bra.

18. This poor pup swallowed pool balls.

19. Don’t get caught in the dark by letting your pets eat your bulbs.

Take care of your pets, people. They need your love just as much as they need you to tell them, “Hey! Don’t eat that!”