Wait…Is This House Melting? In November? Okay, Global Warming, You Win!

This may seem like an ordinary house, but look closer and it looks like something out of a Salvador Dali painting. That’s right, it’s melting. (And, no, it’s not actually related to global warming.)

As part of the Merge Festival, London based Alex Chinneck has made a 2 story house made entirely of wax and beds of terracotta sand. It’s called The Pound of Flesh for 50p installation.

The house was made to commemorate the history of an old candle making factory in Bankside that was around several centuries ago.

The melting was subtle at first, but is now becoming quite evident from just a glance.

The color of the bricks makes the melted piles almost look like blood.

It’s compiled of over 8,000 bricks made of paraffin wax.

Even the windows are made of wax.

And the door.

It’s a very popular exhibit at the Merge Festival.


Look how much it has changed even after just a week or so.

It’s kind of depressing to watch a house melt, but also beautiful in a weird way. Also I bet the surrounding area smells like a birthday cake.