Three Artists Team Up To Create A Hauntingly Beautiful Series About Nature

In a truly collaborative effort, three artists came together to create these simple yet haunting images. The series La Faune et La Flore (or “Fauna and Flora” in English) combines portrait photography, illustration, and an appreciation for nature.

Three people were involved in the making of the series. First was photographer Mark Harless, known online by his nickname, Bleeblu. Bleeblu got in contact with Moon, a French illustrator whose favorite subjects are nature and women. The two noticed that their visual styles and inspirations were similar, and decided to work together. Finally, Bleeblu’s friend and fellow photographer, Molly Strohl, stepped in as the model for the photos. Bleeblu snapped the pictures of Molly and sent them to Moon, who embellished them with delicate but eye-catching drawings of flowers and blue, tattoo-like patterns. The final product is simple, but refreshingly different.

(via BoredPanda)

The images are simple, but the combination of the real and the drawn lends them a mystical feeling that speaks to the connection of all living things. We’ll hopefully get to see more collaborations between the three. Plus, “Bleeblu, Moon, and Molly” would make for a great band name.

You can see more work from each of the three artists on Instagram: Bleeblu, Moon, and Molly.