This Terrifying Nightmare Fuel Was Found On People’s iPhones… What The?!

On every iPhone, there is a simple feature that allows you to take panoramic photos. The camera setting works by taking a picture while you move your camera from left to right. Most of the time, it works like a charm. However, sometimes whatever you’re taking a picture of will move. Or maybe your hand will slip a little during the recording process. When that happens, the camera will glitch… resulting in a weird, photographic nightmare.

1.) Everything about this is so wrong.

2.) Ew. Ew. Ew.

3.) I’m dreaming this, right?

4.) Nope. Nope.

5.) This is worse than The Ring.

6.) How can a dog be terrifying?

7.) He can’t possibly be human.

8.) I think you’re missing a body, there.

9.) This is what happens when you don’t time travel correctly.

10.) This just looks painful.

11.) Oh look, a demon child.

12.) Warning: swings can make body parts disappear.

13.) Oh look, half a dog.

14.) This horse is master of my fear.

15.) Centi-cat doesn’t like getting wet.


17.) You don’t have to feed dogs without heads.

18.) Hey, you’re missing a face.

19.) I’ll never feel safe taking a bath again.

(H/T College Humor) On almost every iPhone, a glitched photo is saved… haunting you of every hour of every day. If you find one on your Camera Roll, delete it. Otherwise it might actually steal your soul.