This Photo Will Make You Thankful For Every Smooth Flight You’ve Ever Had.

They say the odds of crashing in a plane is less than winning the Powerball lotto…twice. However, that never seems to matter when turbulence sends your stomach straight into your throat, does it? Now, imagine just how scared you’d be looking at your window with a TORNADO chasing your plane…

Well, for these passengers… they don’t have to imagine!

Recently a Ryanair plane took off from East Midland Airport in England…with a tornado in the background!

This isn’t an uncommon occurrence though, as crazy as that sounds. Planes often go through weather we’d think to be No-no’s, but you’d be shocked at just how durable they are.

So next time you’re scared out of your mind as you fly straight into a lightning filled cloud…

…just remember that we’re pretty sure you haven’t even won the lottery yet

(H/T: EliteDaily)

Thankfully, all commercial airplanes were created to fly in “extreme weather” and can withstand more damage than you think. Not only that, but the FAA, control towers, pilots and crews are all mindful of how to properly fly through inclement weather. They also know when not to fly. 

So don’t be too scared, but be thankful you weren’t on this jet!