This Painting Will Mess With Your Brain… Til You Look At It From A Different Angle.

This mind-bending optical illusion painting in the video below is the work of British artists Brian Weavers and Patrick Hughes, who create 3-D images that seem to shift before your eyes as you look at them from different angles.

These types of art pieces are known as “reverspectives” where the point that appears the closest (i.e, the smallest) is actually physically the furthest away. The assumption that this point is closer to you creates this illusion. This illusion does require one to not have depth perception which is why it’s so powerful in this video. The point at which the illusion fails when one has both eyes open is much further than the distance when one has one eye open. Source: Benjamin Dalsgaard Hughes Share this highly unusual 3D painting with your friends below, and blow their minds.