This Man Turned His Coffee Table Into An Awesome Game Of Thrones Map

Some of my favorite DIY projects are those expressing a person’s true fandom. Whether it’s for a particular comic book, movie, or TV series, people tend to put a lot of time and passion into these projects. This makes the results better and more admirable than your average project.

This project is from a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Lots of people love this series (myself included), but it takes a true fan to commit to a project like this.

It started out as a plain old table. With a little work, it turned into a GOT fan’s dream.

The project began with a lot of re-staining and refinishing of the table, as well as this piece of a wood pallet that served as a lower level for the table.

Nothing says DIY like using DVD cases to hold your project together. The finish and stain used on the wood expertly captures that sooty dark detail the builder was going for.

A highly detailed map of Westeros was printed out and laid across the table. The edges of the paper map were then slightly burnt to give it an old look.

An important step that you definitely shouldn’t overlook if you try this is using a sealant to remove any air bubbles in the map. No one wants bubbles in their map.

Rustic nail heads were use to detail the outside of the map on the table. Now it’s really starting to look medieval.

Epoxy resin was then used to both seal the map and nail heads, as well as give it that great shine. Once dried, the finished product looked awesome!

Handles matching the aesthetic of the nail heads were installed on the side of the table. These make the table look even cooler and have a practical use.

Once it was done, this map of Westeros could be used for games of strategy. This is definitely the most epic board game I’ve ever seen.


I really love the enthusiasm this fan put into this project. It shows how much you can accomplish when you’re really passionate about something.