This Man Draws Adorable Illustrations Of Pets Based On Their Personalities

Artist Chris Beetow loves creating portraits of pets, but they aren’t simple odes to their adorable faces. Instead, Beetow likes to dig a little deeper into the personality behind the pup, cat, piglet, and every other pet in between.

He loves talking with owners, hearing about all their pets’ cute quirks and funny mannerisms. He then translates those facets into what is definitely a one-of-a-kind homage to your favorite animal. If regular photos are worth a thousand words, these are worth a thousand more.

1. Ralph the Handsome

“This guy’s owners said he was sweet, and well aware of his good looks, but perhaps not the sharpest crayon in the box.”

2. Rubi the Scaredy Cat

“Known for her fear of spiders.”

3. Daisy the Sweetie

“This micro pig was described as the sweeeeeetest.”

4. Ace the Classy Guy

“Ace here was described as a bit of an aloof guy, but classy.”

5. Bella the Delicate

“She was described as a happy, delicate flower.”

6. Tilly the Hungry

7. Frankie the Rescued Pit Bull

“Frankie has had a really tough life, but he has been rescued and has a loving home. It was so nice to make this picture of him.”

8. Elliot the Sleepy

“This guy was all about the naps, bout the naps, no troubles.”

9. Sunny the Intelligent

10. Grover the Happy Guy

“I don’t know what Grover is, perhaps a Dalmatian-terrier mix. Anyway, I think he is cute.”

11. Sprite the Energetic

12. Leo the King of the House

“Leo didn’t let size determine who ran the show.”

13. Beezer the Obsessed

“OCD over his green monster toy, so it had to be in there.”

(via Bored Panda.)

If you want to commission your own precious pet portrait, head over to Beetow’s website for information. He’s already booked up for the rest of the year, so act fast for an adorable start to 2015!