This Kitty And Corgi Puppy Are The Cutest Animal Best Friends

Cats and dogs have a long history of not getting along. Whether it’s something in their nature or competitive nurturing, these two incredibly different animals are rarely thought of as best friends.

Until now.

This Reddit user showed off the adorable friendship between her pet corgi puppy and calico cat. They just can’t seem to get enough of hanging out with each other. Every cuddled up photo makes my heart so happy.

No corgis were actually harmed in the taking of this hilarious photo.

They’re never far away from each other.

They prefer to be close to each other.

“Yeah, great joke buddy.” “I KNOW!”

“Uhh… I was just hugging him. I swear.”

Someone is clearly the troublemaker of this adorable duo.

Living with your bestie means it’s always play time!

Everyone knows naps are better with cuddles.

This video shows the care and thoroughness the cat takes in cleaning after her puppy friend.

(via Reddit.)

I wish my best friend and I could claim to be this cute. However, I’ll gladly hand that crown to these sweet faces.