This Is The Only Time A Bucket Of KFC Will Blow Your Mind. What The?!

For Kyle Stockton’s birthday, his wife Laura wanted to do something extra special for him. To make sure it was a birthday he would always remember, she decided to create something in the kitchen he would never forget. She’s quite the chef in the kitchen and Kyle was blown away by what she came up with. She got the idea from her two sons, Josh and Harry. For them, it was a no brainer. Their dad loved KFC, so they thought his treat should be KFC-themed. What Laura was able to make was a work of art.

Kyle was a giant KFC fan…

So much so, his wife baked him a bucket of chicken for his birthday.

But it wasn’t REALLY chicken.

It was a delicious, delicious cake.

Mind = blown.

(H/T Laura never imagined that the Internet would go wild over her cake. After all, she hasn’t been trained in making cakes. Now, she is inspired by its popularity to start a baked goods business (with hopefully more awesome cakes). It’s hard to tell if this cake is savory or sweet, but one thing is certain: it’s making me hungry.