This Halloween, Even the Sun is Getting in the Spirit…and It’s Truly Creepy.

Finally, it’s that time of year when everyone embraces the creepy parts of life: Halloween! You can tell it’s going to be a good one this year, because even the sun is getting into the spirit.

That’s right. In pictures taken by NASA earlier this month, the active regions of the sun took the form of a humongous Jack-O-Lantern.

Happy Halloween from the sun! This picture is a blend of several photos capturing different light wavelengths to give the sun that perfect Halloween look.

This is what the Halloween sun looks like in ultraviolet light. The lighter areas of the sun in these pictures are active, high energy spots emitting more light.

Looks pretty spooky when seen through extreme ultraviolet light.

Another variation of extreme ultraviolet light. Who knew the solar system could be so creepy?

I think this version is probably the creepiest.


I always knew the sun’s favorite holiday had to be Halloween. It only made sense before, and now we know for sure. I wonder if they celebrate Halloween on other planets?