This Guy Got Tired Of His Disgusting Garage. What He Did In There Is Definitely Awesome. Wow.

Attention all of you home improvement gunners. This is the ultimate example of what is possible. Seriously, check out this garage that was totally changed, and now houses a little something special. It’s something that’s totally disgusting, even a drain on a perfectly good house. But is a diamond in the rough… with only a little elbow grease. Right?

Look how disgusting this garage started as.

I’d never want to go in here, let alone PUT things in there.

But I guess that’s why it’s a great project!

But let’s be honest…it’s going to take a lot of work.

Once everything was cleared away, it was time to make it look a lot better.

And is a great chance to get creative.

Since it’s your garage, you can put up whatever you want.

And paint it however you want.

Then put in new lights…

And slick floors.

Looking much better. But we’re missing a final touch.

Ah…there it is.


I’ll never be as creative as this guy was, but it certainly makes me want to go out to Home Depot. I keep promising that I’ll fix that toilet. That’s the same as what this guy did, right? Share this with others and give them a new Saturday project.