This Guy Built A Fish Tank Modeled Off Of Seinfeld’s Apartment – Inside A TV

There will never be a shortage of unique DIY projects in the world. People everywhere have dedicated countless hours to making custom shelving, coffee tables, bedroom sets, fish tanks, and more…just because. These projects are fascinating, but they’re even more impressive when they’re an homage to a favorite TV show, book or movie.

Awesomeness Projects is a website that posts cool projects with relatively easy instructions. But the website has a particular DIY project that absolutely blows my mind. It’s a TV turned into a fish tank modeled off of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment from Seinfeld. Prepare yourself.

Sure, it looks like an average old tube television, but very soon it will be every TV fan’s dream fish tank.

First the builder had to gut the TV. For an older TV like this, it’s a relatively simple process.

Next up, he had to install hinges on top of the TV to allow easy access to the fish tank once installed.

After gathering the necessary supplies for the job, he then went to work on waterproofing and converting the inside of the old television to an operational fish tank.

Then came adding the details that would make this project epic. This is a digital model based off of Seinfeld’s apartment, and it would be used as a schematic to set up the mini apartment inside of the TV.

After photoshopping, printing, and lamenting the background of the apartment and placing it in the tank, the builder then arranged tiny furniture in the room to resemble the apartment from the TV show. Then, of course, he had to pick the cast.

Here’s Jerry

And good ol’ Newman

And the final product – an awesome TV fish tank with Seinfeld’s apartment inside. I personally know people who would pay a lot of money to own this thing (I’m one of those people).


This is definitely the coolest fish tank I’ve ever seen. I could watch it all night.