These Tinder Messages Will Make You Want To Throw Your Phone Into The Ocean And Give Up Dating Forever.

I’ve heard of looking for love in all of the wrong places, but being on the dating app Tinder seems more like looking for love in the tip of a hot soldering iron. Tinder is an app that lets you rate, then message, people in your geographic location. It sounds like a good idea in theory, but it ends up just being a whole lot of crazy. Some of the people on there really need to learn how to control their impulses. At the very least, they should find another person to take their picture (enough with the mirror selfies!). Check out these terrible Tinder messages that real people thought would get them a date. Wow.

1. Ask for weird and you shall receive.

2. Act like you’ve been there before.

3. Okay, that’s one truth. Now send the two lies.

4. “Sorry, but I’m really more of an Altima person.”

5. You’re supposed to get into their pants, not genes.

6. Seriously, you’ eyes are out of this world.

7. They’re nothing if not thoughtful.

8. That’s a tough one, Shia–I mean Bryan.

9. Buzz off, dude.

10. Pushy! Pushy!

11. Started from the bottom, now we’re somehow even lower.

12. “…because if it’s not 420, goodbye.”

13. Have some self-respect, man. Target? You gotta buy that stuff at Pier 1.

14. It may not be the BEST compliment, but you would have to be pretty darn good for that to be what you do for a living.

15. If it wasn’t good enough to get a job at Quiznos, it’s probably not good enough to get a date.

(via Mashable) Wow! These made me feel like a smooth operator, and I knocked my keyboard over twice and choked on my own spit while typing that. Learn from the worst of the worst out there and just don’t do what these people did. Share their awful, awful mistakes by clicking on the Share button below!