These People Have Reflexes So Epic, They May Be Superheroes.

If I could have any power, I would want to be the fastest man alive. Who needs to fly or be super strong when no one can catch you! (Plus, you can run on water and reverse time!) That’s why I’m super jealous of these nearly superhuman reflexes. Seriously, how did they DO that?!

“Please eat me.”


Wait, are we in The Matrix?

Whoa, traffic jam!

Just give him Father of the Year NOW.

All State.

Wait for it…

Well, that’s an overreaction.

Saved from the clutches of defeat.


Someone should have been a goalie.

Quickest reservations ever.


You, sir, clearly aren’t texting while driving.

You’re my new hero.

I think he broke the 100m record.

Worst Jack in the Box ever!

Ok, you can valet my car.


Ok…that’s AWESOME.

(via eBaum’s World)

Do you see what I mean? If I had these reflexes, I could conquer the world…or maybe just be super awesome like these guys.