These Life-Changing Cooking Hacks Will Transform Your Kitchen Into Awesomeness. Brilliant.

Does your kitchen give you nightmares? Too intimidated to tackle that recipe your mom gave you for your favorite meal growing up? Or maybe you’re racking up some serious pizza delivery debt. Regardless of what’s kept you from the kitchen, it’s time to face your fears with a little help from these ridiculously easy hacks. You’ll be whipping up meals like a pro!

1. Peel all your hard-boiled eggs at once by giving them a good shake.

2. Shaking also works for peeling garlic!

3. Use a knife to pit avocados. But be VERY careful!

4. Then slice it up without the mess while it’s still in the skin.

5. Add a dash of baking soda to your onions to caramelize them in half the time.

6. Vent your aggression and create a nice salad at the same time: core your lettuce by slamming it on the counter.

7. Spritz your grater with some cooking spray for friction-less grating.

8. Use an apple slicer to make perfect potato wedges.

9. Don’t bother peeling your potatoes before boiling. Just pop ’em in an ice bath afterwards and the skin will slip right off!

10. Microwave an ear of corn and watch it slip right out of its husk.

11. Then use two bowls (a smaller one inside a larger one) to cut corn off the cob.

12. Soak pasta in a plastic bag overnight for quick cooking the next day. Just 60 seconds!

13. Put cherry tomatoes between two lids and slice them all at once.

14. Use a damp paper towel under your cutting board to keep it from slipping around while you slice.

15. Think like a Mongolian BBQ: freeze meat for easy slicing. Great for stir fry, stew and jerky!

16. Use a microplane to grate ginger instead of mincing it.

17. Grate frozen butter into your pastry dough for easy and even distribution.

18. Shake up some whipped cream (or butter if you’re patient!) in a mason jar.

19. Get more juice from lemons and limes by microwaving them for about 15 seconds.

20. Cut the ends off your kiwis and peel with a spoon.

21. Use a paper clip to pit cherries.

And now your kitchen will never, ever be the same. Get at it… and share these tips with others.