These Conspiracy Theories Are Just Crazy Enough To Be True. Can Someone Explain #5?

Conspiracy theorists are usually swept under the table and deemed crazy people in need of some intense psychiatric help…but then…some of them actually kind of make sense. Reading into these ideas might make you feel a little nuts, but don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

1. Princess Diana: Many believe “the People’s Princess” was murdered in an elaborate scheme by the British royal family. They believe her ex-in-laws were embarrassed by the Diana’s new relationship with Dodi Fayed and wanted to avoid further scandal by simply taking her out of the picture.

2. Fluoride: It’s a commonly known fact that fluoride is added to water in order to prevent tooth decay, but there are those out there who believe there are more harmful effects being ignored in order to aid the pharmaceutical industry.

3. The Philadelphia Experiment: During World War II, rumors arose about the U.S. Navy conducting experiments that would make their ships invisible to the human eye. They denied this, but in October 1943 the USS Eldridge was outfitted with light-bending instruments that could have been used to test such a project.

4. HIV: Some believe the World Health Organization created the virus in a laboratory as a means to control world population.

5. FEMA’s plastic coffins: The discovery of over half a million black plastic coffins outside of Atlanta, GA led some to believe the government is preparing for martial law and the deaths of thousands.

6. Pearl Harbor: There are those who believe former president Franklin D. Roosevelt was aware of the threat on the Hawaiian military base and did nothing about it as a way to convince the American public into supporting the US joining World War II.

7. September 11th: Like with Pearl Harbor, some believe that government officials were warned of the impending attack and did nothing to stop it.

8. Moon Landing: When man walked on the moon for the first time in 1969, many refused to believe it and instead insist it was all faked in order to win the Cold War.

9. New World Order: This is a supposed secret society of influential people all over the world who some believe are set on drastically reducing the world’s population in order to have unified control over it.

10. JFK Assassination: The murder of former president John F. Kennedy and who was REALLY behind it has been debated and analyzed since the tragedy occurred, many believing there is no way only one man could be behind it.

(via Only For Men.) The truth is out there….Looks like I have some research to do. Share with your friends to see if they want to believe.