These Amazing Devices Prove We’re Basically Living In A Star Wars Movie.

I remember watching the Star Wars movies and wishing I could live in a galaxy far far away so I could play with lightsabers and shoot laser guns. After doing some research though, I found that we actually aren’t too far off from being able to do that right now. He are some of the Star Wars-esque technological advances we have currently.

Probe Droids

The company, DARPA has created probe droids to roam the great unknown and…well…make it known. Equipped with cameras and space-aged technology, these autonomous drones have the ability to recognize things like distance, depth, and perception. Additionally, they have a robotic claw to grab and drop off objects.

Laser Cannons

The US Navy has recently been equipping their battleships with Laser Cannons. While the don’t destroy planets yet, like the Death Star, these high powered weapons can strike down a drone from surprisingly long distances.

Speeder Bikes

Remember how cool that scene was in Return of the Jedi where the Storm Troopers were chasing Luke through the forest on speeder bikes? You can recreate that experience thanks to the existence of this hover bike from Aerofex. So long as you have $50,000-$100,000 to spare and a bunch of friends willing to dress up as the hapless Storm Troopers.


This technology allows you to project holograms of anything you want basically. We’ve already seen the renderings of Tupac and Michael Jackson in holographic forms, and soon we will be able to make phone calls using this technology. For now, we’ll just have to settle for the King of Pop and the King of Rap.

Rail Guns

The Senate has unfortunately shut down this project, but the technology exists! This electromagnetic gun has the ability to fire an 18 inch bullet 5,000 mph and has a 100 mile range. It is environmentally friendly to produce and operate, which begs the question, WHY WOULD YOU SHUT THIS PROJECT DOWN?!


These hovering Remote SPHERES can carry out their duties in zero gravity environments. They perform maintenance tasks aboard space shuttles and are easily powered and controlled by smartphones.

Boba Fett

Okay, it’s not Boba Fett. But it kind of looks like him right? This is a newly designed armor that the government has been working on for a number of years to help deflect bullets. The Storm Troopers could have used some of this technology, jeez.

Prosthetic Limbs

Medical technology is always an important advancement for humankind and this one is quite unique. Our friends at DARPA are also behind this prosthetic limb that amazingly connects to your nervous system, allowing you to actually feel what you are doing with the bionic arm. This will allow you to grab, squeeze, and not just destroy anything that you grasp. Somewhere, Luke Skywalker is smiling.


Plus, this dog kind of looks like an Ewok. THEY’RE REAL!

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