These Alien Landscapes Are A Lot Closer To Home Than You Might Think.

Some people may find Hans Jörgen Johansen’s work a little…disgusting. He is a Swedish artist whose art tends to turn a lot of people away, but not for the usual reasons. While most of us would throw out that moldy piece of bread, Johansen gets up close and personal with it.

The result is an amazing peek inside the surprisingly alien world of mold. Just take a look at these pictures from his latest photo series on mold landscapes. They look like the belong in an episode of Star Trek.

Welcome to the world of mold!

Johansen grows the mold for every photo.

To get these amazing pictures, Johansen takes organic material (usually wheat flour or bread) and creates patterns with it on a two square foot sized table.

Then the waiting game begins.

Johansen says it usually takes about 10 days for the mold to be thick enough for him to photograph.

Johansen also doesn’t edit, or manipulate his photos in anyway.

“Nothing is manipulated in Photoshop. Everything is done on the table which I later set with light and shoot,” he said.

These photos are pretty eerie, but oddly beautiful.

This looks more like a foggy alien garden than a moldy table. Amazing.

(Via: Edible Geography)

This is incredible. I love it that you can art at all levels of existence. I know I’m going to start thinking twice before tossing out my moldy bread. For more amazing photography from Hans Jörgen Johansen, make sure to visit his website.