These 9 Pets Are Waaaaay More Productive Than Their Human Counterparts

Sometimes, after a long day at work or school, it’s impossible to get anything done at home. (And if you have kids? Forget it.) Being productive for more than the required 8-10 hours a day feels like torture…so most of us just ignore it. After all, the only thing that feels better than canceling plans you hate is ignoring a chore you hate.

…but then who’s going to pick up your slack? Apparently, if you’re lucky enough to have an animal companion, they can help you out. Step aside, Snow White! These animal helpers are way cooler.

1.) “I’m going to need you to come in on Sunday to finish these TPS reports. Umm, kay?”

2.) “Only a chump pays to have their oil changed.”

3.) “These dishes won’t wash themselves!”

4.) “This dog food ain’t gonna sell itself.”

5.) “Do we need to go over proper packing etiquette again?”

6.) “I’ll put myself to sleep, no thanks to you.”

7.) “I’m here for moral support.”

8.) “You forgot the fabric softener. I’ll give it the right smell.”

9.) “I swear I saw the other shoe under here…”

(via The Dodo)

Maybe their lack of opposable thumbs slow these animals down, but they’re still committed to helping you with your chores…especially if any of tasks involve a snack and quick nap.