These 34 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Will Change How You Feel About Movies Forever.

For years, movie magic has been “tricking” audiences in to believing that some fantastical worlds and stories are real. Most movie goers know that they are being duped. After all, that’s the best part of going to the movies. Suspending disbelief and accepting an entire world as truth can be fun… even if it’s just for 90 minutes of your life. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from some of the most iconic movies over the decades. No matter how much you love these movies (or how many times you’ve seen them), we bet you’ve never pictured them like this before. It’s mind-blowing… and it makes me love these movies even more. I’ve never seen this stuff before!

1.) Princess Leia gives Luke a refreshing beer.

2.) An Alien doesn’t seem so scary.

3.) Jaws must not have been hungry that day.

4.) Star Wars wasn’t very high tech…

5.) Is this the Hulk or Bruce Banner?

6.) Just chillaxin’ with friends.

7.) The Hound with and without makeup.

8.) Even Bellatrix Lestrange has to check her email.

9.) Amazing winter scene or… diorama?

10.) Who knew the Delorean was so small?

11.) Inception blew your mind in more ways than you know.

12.) Bill Murray behind the scenes on Fantastic Mr. Fox.

13.) We all re-touch our makeup down here.

14.) No one likes getting wet. Even wizards.

15.) Frodo’s epic journey would have went so much faster in a helicopter.

16.) Dr. Pepper: the refreshing drink of serial killers.

17.) Not only was there room on the door for both of them, but they were just in a small pool.