These 30 People Found Their New Best Friends At The Zoo.

When you visit a zoo, you’re seeing those animals in their homes. A day at the zoo can be filled with any number of surprises. All those animals have their own plans on what they want to put on display. Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s heartwarming, and sometimes they spend the whole time sleeping. (Hey, it’s their call.) Regardless, it’s always a nice reminder of how amazing it is to connect with nature when given the opportunity. Take a look at some unforgettable moments these guests were lucky to capture.

1. How about a bear hug?

2. Ready, set, go!

3. Hm, he does look familiar…

4. Did we just become best friends?

5. No, wait! Come baaack!

6. Buy a girl dinner first, sheesh.

7. Does my butt look fat in this fur?

8. Oh, did you want to eat your lunch? My bad.

9. Rock on.

10. Not fooling anyone.

11. Ouch, that looked like it stung.

12. You’ve got a little something on your shirt.

13. Bears, kids and rock and roll.

14. Pound it.

15. So anyway, what did you think of Dora this week?

16. This furry dude is soooo wasted.

17. Wait for it…

18. Have we met before?

19. Be sure to get my good side.

20. Mom’s just don’t understand.

21. When worlds collide.

22. Great view!

23. 1, 2, 3, smooch!

24. There’s a lot of love going around zoos.

25. Is this real life??

26. Low five from a chill bro.

27. Ooh, are we the same shoe size?

28. It’s every goat for himself at meal time.

29. Get a room.

30. Yummy little human so close yet so far away.

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