These 21 Pups Have No Idea How They Even Got Stuck Like This…But, Aww.

Some pups are lucky they’re cute, because they sure don’t have much for brains. These adorable dummies may be stuck in a tricky situation, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we want to cuddle every single one of them. (Once they’re freed, of course.)

But you can’t help but wonder what made them think this was a good idea. 

1.) But he looks so squishable!

2.) Oh, this necklace? Thanks, it’s new and totally not from the trashcan.

3.) This guy looks so sad, I would believe the hanger attacked him.

4.) It’s okay, I live here now.

5.) He just wanted to pretend to be an astronaut.

6.) This is what eating healthy will get you.

7.) Nonchalant stuck.

8.) He knows he’s stuck, but the show just started.

9.) This is the happiest a dog has ever been.

10.) The other guy looks more embarrassed on his friend’s behalf.

11.) He punished himself for getting into the kitty litter.

12.) Oh good, you’re home.

13.) Just stretching out his core before his reps.

14.) Oh, right. I’m not a hamster.

15.) His owner said “seat” instead of “sit.”

16.) His new look is a little abstract.

17.) A very thirsty pup.

18.) This was their best crop yet.

19.) And that’s how he learned you can’t take shortcuts in life.

20.) His new collar is a little square.

21.) Terrifying couch is haunted by a confused dog.

(via Distractify.)

Too funny and too cute at the same time. Cats everywhere will have a field day with this.