These 19 Talents Are Totally Impressive… Even If They’re Totally Useless.

Growing up, your school counselors probably told you that “everyone was special.” Everyone is a hero in their own way. No matter what you thought (or how much you rolled your eyes), they insisted everyone had their own unique talent. It’s true that everyone has their own unique talent… but not all of them are exactly useful. That doesn’t matter, though. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

1. IHOP boredom taken to a new level.

2. I guess not everything can be a record.

3. Harry Potter meets drinking champion.

4. Why? Just, why?

5. I can write normal and it’s more useful.

6. There must be a story to how he figured this out.

7. [All men everywhere cringe].

8. We need someone to help us understand how this is possible.

9. “No, I can’t spare a square.”

10. Someone’s in a hurry. Or just a showoff.

11. We don’t need hand drawn maps of the US. It’s called Google Maps.

12. This is just hilarious.

13. Origami for bugs?

14. How many attempts/time do you think this took?

15. Sigh…

16. Only useless if you can’t wear it.

17. Impressive. Stayyyyyy.

18. Watch out for your hair!

19. Well, I guess it’s a talent.

(H/T: eBaum’s World) So, what’s your useless talent? Tell your friends below and let’s see who wastes time best!