These 13 People Failed So Hard At Facebook That Their Accounts Should Be Banned. LOL!

Some people spend so much time putting a foot in their mouths, it’s amazing they’re able to walk around like a normal human. Now, thanks to social media, those people can make a fool of themselves online and immortalize their embarrassment forever. Humiliating yourself on Facebook can happen to anyone. (In fact, it has probably happened to everyone at least once.) These people, though, took their shame a step further… and their Facebook fails are so cringeworthy.

1.) If you friend your boss, don’t complain about your job.

2.) D’oh.

3.) P.S., that isn’t your son.

4.) Oh. My. Gosh.

5.) Ehhhhh?

6.) Oh this is just … sigh.

7.) Lesson learned: people are weird.

8.) Oh man, that’s awful.

9.) Phrasing. PHRASING.

10.) Maybe you should have kept that to yourself.

11.) TMI. … also, go see a doctor. Now.

12.) Sooooo, that was a secret, then?

13.) Facebook: it’s full of perverts.

(H/T Oddee) Yikes. If this happened to me, I would give up on using the Internet forever. Seriously, how can they ever show their faces again online? Help people stop embarrassing themselves (and force them to think hard about what they will post) by sharing this.