These 13 Animals Get By With A Little Help From Their Friends

Kindness isn’t exclusive to us humans. When these animals found themselves in times of trouble, their buddies were there to lend them a helping hand – er paw, hoof, whatever they had to lend.

Whether it was a case of getting their buddy back on their feet or taking them under their wing, these animals proved they know the real meaning of friendship.

1. This turtle who helped his bro get back on his feet.

2. Tan, the dog in Thailand, who comforts his macaque bestie after the little guy lost his mother.

3. This mama sharing her milk with baby red pandas.

4. This group of dolphins who helped guide a lost, exhausted seal pup back to its home.

5. This hippo who saved a wildebeest from a crocodile’s clutches.

6. This dog who pulled this baby kangaroo out from her mom’s pouch after she had been hit by a car.

7. This corgi who helped ducklings find their way back home.

8. This horse giving his feline friend a hand (er, nose) with a itch on his back.

9. This chimp who helps out at feeding time.

10. This dog who discovered abandoned baby bunnies and adopted them as her own.

11. This duckling giving away his leftovers to his fishy friends.

12. This maternal French bulldog with some her adorable adopted baby boars.

13. This loving labrador who has helped raise over 30 animals, including this pygmy hippo, at the Cango Wildlife Reserve in South Africa.

We all get by with a little help from our friends. I’m glad to see animals are no different.