These 11 Inventions Are Beyond Brilliant. Why Can’t I Have Them All?

There are new inventions being created and patented every single day. Some may be more useful than others. But, some are so brilliant, you’ll wonder why millions haven’t already been made. These great inventions can be on the practical side, or luxurious, and everything in-between. Whatever their purpose, they are amazing ideas and innovations.

1. A outlet with a night-light built in? Yes please. No more searching around in the dark for an outlet.

2. This is an ingenious way to get people to recycle – let them use their plastic bottles to pay for public transportation.

3. Finally! Whenever I drink coffee I feel like a child using a mug for the first time – this drip-catching mug should help me not make such a mess of myself.

4. These USB rechargeable batteries would really help if you need battery power fast and don’t have time (or don’t want to) go all the way to the store.

5. Having a phone with a dead battery is a huge hassle. Never fear, though, this charger has your back. It charges your phone using the cold or hear from whatever beverage you’re enjoying when you’re phone is low on power. (You’re out of luck if you drink lukewarm water.)

6. Ever run around your room or house for a half-hour, wondering where the heck you left your keys? By attaching these tiles, you can track down whatever important object you have misplaced using satellite technology and your smartphone.

7. Leaving a film to go to the bathroom at a movie theater is one of the most nerve-wracking things you can do. Not only are you scrambling to the restroom after holding it for twenty minutes or so, but you might also be missing an important part of the movie. Installing screens in stalls like the one above would solve this problem in a jiffy.

8. Sitting in the park or on a sandy beach and worried about your smartphone losing power? Just plug it in to one of these fancy solar power chargers. The future is now.

9. Frantically driving around a parking garage looking for a space is a special kind of torture. These light-signals let would-be-parkers know where there is and isn’t a space in any particular row.

10. This practical idea is great. These retractable bike racks give bikers a place to keep their bicycles locks up without taking up unnecessary space on a walkway when not in use.

11. Ear-buds that are engineered to not tangle-up?! Oh man I need these. I need these so bad.


Let’s just say all these these inventions would make some things a whole lot easier.