The 11 Most Insane Laws About Food That Have Ever Been Enforced.

The law is tricky. There are many loop holes, outdated clauses, and bureaucratic issues. It’s not surprising that some silly things have slipped through the cracks and chaos from time to time. But these laws about food are just straight up bananas.

Whether or not they’re still enforced, the fact that these laws were real is terrifying. What else can be passed through governments? Yikes.

1.) Riverside, CA: It is illegal to carry your lunch down the street between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am.

2.) California: It is against the law to eat oranges in the bathtub.

3.) Boston, MA: You are restricted by law from eating peanuts in church.

4.) Kentucky: You can face a night in jail for putting your ice cream in your back pocket.

5.) Utah: It is illegal to not drink milk.

6.) Gainesville, GA: It is illegal to eat chicken with a fork, gotta use your hands.

7.) Singapore: Gum has been outlawed for over 20 years unless prescribed by a doctor.

8.) Marion, OH: It is punishable to eat a donut while walking backwards.

9.) Massachusetts: Mourners attending a wake may only consume up to three sandwiches.

10.) Alabama: Throwing salt on rail road tracks is punishable by death.

11.) Waterloo, NE: Barbers are legally forbidden from eating onions between the hours of 7:00 am and noon.

(H/T: Smosh.)

I’m just curious if eating a donut while moonwalking backwards would be allowed in Marion, OH… Someone please test this out and get back to us.