So, There’s A Coffee Shop In North Dakota… And It’s Nothing Like You’ve Ever Seen.

If you ever find yourself looking for a cup of coffee and Wi-Fi in the small and peaceful Valley City, North Dakota, and you happen to walk into The Vault, you’ll immediately notice something very different about this coffee shop. You see there are no employees there, as The Vault is a self-serve cafe that runs entirely on the honor system. According to owner David Brekke, people are actually adding 15% on average to the market value prices of the teas and coffees, proving that people at least in this small city are inherently good and honest.

If this would ever work in bigger cities or places is of course the question, but nonetheless, this small city coffee shop is certainly unique! Source: Aaron Boerner / KVRR Share this very different coffee shop with your friends below, and show them that people are inherently good.