Russian Cyclist Miraculously Avoids Injury After A Terrible Car Crash.

This incredible security camera footage shows the moment when a Russian cyclist narrowly avoided being hit by a speeding car and survived being knocked off his bike by a truck. Yes, it’s that intense.

The cyclist was just going about his day, crossing a road at a pedestrian crossing, when his guardian angel stepped in to save his skin. As the cyclist crossed the Moscow road, a car drove right into the path of a truck approaching the crossing, sending it hurtling towards the poor cyclist. Incredibly, the man somehow avoided being hit by the car before being clipped by the truck.

As crazy as it sounds, nobody was badly injured in the incident.

(Source: The Guardian)

There are so many things that would have had to happen perfectly to lead up to that point in time. If the driver of the car had checked if the door was locked one more time, or if the cyclist had brushed his teeth two more times that morning, things could have been very different. This really makes you wonder…