Remember That Little Girl From Jurassic Park? You Won’t Believe What She’s Doing Now.

While fans of her performance in Jurassic Park as Alexis “Lex” Murphy may be a bit saddened to learn that she has not pursued a career in her fictional dinosaur-cloning grandfather’s line of work, any initial disappointment will be swallowed up like a lawyer on a toilet when they see what Ariana Richards is up to today. No, she’s not a hacker either. Take a look!

After studying at Skidmore College and Art Center College of Design, Ariana Richards became an award-winning artist.

Check out some of her paintings!

As you can see, her work is classically inspired.

Great stuff, Ariana! If by any chance you’re taking requests, might I suggest a portrait of Nedry with the Dilophosaurus? Feel free to include as much or as little poison vomit as you’d like. Thanks! Share this post and support a second career that’s dinosoaring. 😛