Potholes Annoy Everyone, But This Artist Had a Great Way of Solving the Problem.

Chicago has a pothole problem and, if you’ve ever lived in a place with a pothole problem, you know that it can take a very long time to get them fixed. Artist Jim Bachor was all too familiar with this. He decided that if he couldn’t fix the potholes, he could at least draw attention to them in a pretty way. 

100 block of North Racine

100 block of North Ada

250 North Green

100 block of North Sangamon

4600 North Kenton

He set out with his own take on urban renewal, and created a number of floral mosaics around the city, filling in potholes with bright tiles in the shapes of bouquets, as well as mosaics that spell out messages. He worked tirelessly through the fall with this guerilla project, taking advantage of the mild weather. As the weather turns colder, though, he’ll likely take a break from this project. Come the spring, though, which is notorious for potholes as the weather warms and the snow melts, we may see him again. 

Some of Bachor’s pieces have already been covered, but never fear–he keeps an online record of each one, complete with the address where the mosaic was installed, so you can check them all out. 

Via Colossal