Only The Ridiculously Brave (Or Insane) Would Attempt This Walk In The Alps.

This is certainly one way to burn off some of the chocolate you began gorging on as soon as you got to Switzerland. Sure, most of the calories will likely burn from complete and utter fear, but a workout’s a workout. Beginning in November, those interested in taking an extreme trek through the Swiss Alps can do so on the Peak Walk, a 10,000 feet high walkway that features a partially glass floor and a long look at your life. To say that it’s an intense trek would be like calling the Swiss Alps a series of hills. Take a look!

Oh, and one more thing, don’t look down.

As you can probably imagine, building the walk was no easy task.

You know you’re up high when the only way you can get materials is via helicopter.

Watch the builders in action in the video below. If you thought the Peak Walk seemed intimidating in the photos, just wait until you see this.

(via Elite Daily)

Think you’re too scared to give the Peak Walk a try? Well, think about this: it’s free! Yeah, see you up there.