One Man Transformed A Teeny Tiny Patio Into Awesomeness. Wait Til You See The Result.

If you have to live in an apartment, then you know the agony of owning a small patio or balcony. It’s hard to enjoy the great outdoors when you just have a teeny, tiny portion of it. One man was facing that issue with his small, concrete patio… but decided to do something about it. With some creativity, he was able to design the perfect patio using Sketchup. It didn’t take long for him to design (and build) the perfect lounging space on his small patio. This was an epic DIY success.

This is how the patio looked at first.

It was small and obviously cramped.

“There was a lot of wasted space between the cement slab and fence where I could not put chairs without them falling through the gap.”

“I used Sketchup to make a cement slab and the gaps between the fence using measurements of the slab. I designed my bench so that most of the weight was on the slab, but had a pointed leg that stuck into the ground for extra support.”

Then, he began working on the tiny patio.

Cutting the wood was a little tricky in the space.

“It looks like a garden shed threw up out here.”

He always had supervision when using the power tools.

The main part of the bench.

“I put the legs in position and put the bench down.”

Getting more supplies at the store.

Now, to make the fancy part…

He put cheap sheet wood at the bottom of the water area…

Then sealed it with Great Stuff foam.