Not Only Is This Hobbit House Awesome, It Was Made on the Cheap with Scraps.

If someone told you they could build a home for less than $5,000, you’d be right to seem skeptical of their promise. If they told you they could not only build you that house, but make it the cool “Hobbit house” you always wanted, you’d probably feel like you’re dreaming. Fortunately for you, this kind of construction is very real.

In 2003, Simon Dale built a gorgeous Hobbit house for his family in the Welsh countryside. Thanks to his insistence on using scrap when possible, the construction only cost him about £3,000. That might sound like a greater work of fiction than anything Tolkien accomplished, but it’s true. Take a look!

Simon Dale and his family outside of their Hobbit house.

An unobstructed (though significantly less cute) view of the house.

Dale’s plans for the Hobbit house and surrounding property.

Dale hard at work securing the scrap oak frame.

The only tools Dale used were a chisel, a chainsaw, and a hammer.

Not bad.

Dale estimates it took about 1,000-1,500 man hours to complete the Hobbit house.

It was time well spent.

While the place certainly looks cushy, Dale went out of his way to maintain a connection with nature.

There’s nothing to distract you from its beauty or impact on your everyday life.


The house isn’t just about appreciating nature. It also features many things, such as a compost toilet, that will do very little to take anything away from what makes the surrounding area so great.

(via Simon Dale, H/T Daily Mail)

What an amazing home, Hobbit or not. If you’re interested in learning more about Simon Dale’s house, check out his website where he posts updates about the place and his family.