No, These Kids Aren’t Just Goofing Off. They’re Desperately Saving Their Own Lives.

School shootings are a tragic problem that educators and lawmakers throughout the United States need to address. It’s a reality that cannot be ignored. A study determined that, since the Newton school shooting, 28 people have been killed in 44 school shootings. (There were 13 school shootings in the first 6 weeks of 2014 alone.) To protect the children in schools, a company from Oklahoma named ProTecht is producing what they are calling a Bodyguard Blanket. This blanket is made of a bulletproof material that would hopefully shield children from shooters.

Steve Walker said that tragedies like Sandy Hook and recent tornado outbreaks inspired this blanket.

It would “stop that blunt-force trauma,” like bullets or rubble.

The blanket has straps so it can be worn like a backpack. It’ll be made with lightweight padding used for ballistic armor.

The blankets are cheaper than tornado shelters, plus children wouldn’t need to leave the classroom in the event of an emergency.

The company is encouraging school administrators to make its protective blankets part of their protocols.

Anything is worth trying if it means protecting innocent children. Until a final solution can be found, protective gear like the Bodyguard Blanket could be a viable option in our schools. Share this helpful and potentially life-saving new product with others by clicking below.