Modern Family Editor Encounters Worst Flight Passenger Ever And Live Tweets The Whole Thing.

Traveling is usually a pain, even before taking into account the other passengers traveling with you.

For Ryan Case, the Emmy-winning editor for ABC sitcom Modern Family, things started to look a lot like a hilariously scripted episode of her show. Case boarded her four-hour flight from New York City back to her home in Los Angeles. After some time in the air, the woman in front of her went a bit too far.

The noticeably intoxicated woman in front of Case stirred up trouble with obnoxiously loud headphones. She became progressively worse from there.

We’ve dealt with annoying people like this before, but keep in mind how one feels crammed into those small seats at 30,000 feet in the air.

Cooler heads would have prevailed, but the situation quickly escalated with those high altitudes… and even higher alcohol content.

Her poor seat mate received the bulk of the bonkers behavior. Luckily, another passenger in their section finally had enough and confronted the drunken diva.

She continued to go on her loud, obnoxious rambles and officials from the airline got involved.

(H/T: Gawker.)

The woman began loudly talking on her phone after landing. According to Case, the woman left a “CHILLING” amount of tequila bottles under her chair.

Fellow passengers reported further updates on the turbulent tale and informed Case that the woman never received further reprimand for her conduct. While a comeuppance would have been nice, at least the story will live on in infamy for all future travelers.