Instead Of Just Storing His Scotch Collection, This Guy Created A Secret Stash

Do you have a secret stash of candy somewhere in the house? Or, maybe some other snack that you tell everyone you don’t eat, but secretly hide in all your desk drawers? Don’t worry, we all keep little stashes of our favorite treats squirreled away. Sure, it’s a little greedy, but everyone needs a little pick-me-up now and then.

Reddit user BigPapiC-Dog posted some photos of his secret stash of scotch. His stash is impressive, but how he hides it is even cooler.

Looks like a normal cabinet right? Wrong. This happens to be the location of one man’s secret stash of scotch. Sure he’s got a couple bottles on display, but that’s not the good stuff.

If you look closely on one side of the cabinet, you’ll notice something peculiar. There are hinges lining it.

Along with the hinges, this guy also installed wheels so that the cabinet opens to reveal…

…his epic collection of fine scotch.

Behind his cabinet is a wonderful array of scotches, including rare single malts, lined up and ready to be poured.

As far as secret stashes go, this might be the best one I’ve ever seen. The LED backlighting on the shelves is a really nice touch.

He’s got six shelves full of amazing scotch – and they’re definitely not the kinds you share with just anyone (which might also be why he built this awesome hiding place for his stash).

He even installed a little fold-out table where he can pour a few fingers of some of the finest whiskey in the world.


This is one of the best secret hiding spots I’ve ever seen. Normally, I have a stash of candy or junk-food somewhere in my house, but after seeing this I might have to start collecting for a secret scotch stash. Maybe someday I’ll have my own… *stares off dreamily into the distance*