I Thought There Was Something Strange About These Photos. But Then I Took A Closer Look And… Wow.

20 year old artist Heather Rooney has an amazing talent. Using only a pack of colored pencils, she can recreate a truly lifelike photo of anyone. Seriously, you’ve never seen anything quite like it. They’re so good in fact that I might have a snuck a real photo in here just to see if you can tell the difference. Check it out!

Paul Walker. RIP.

The process looks simple for Jimmy Fallon.

Hey Pharrell Williams!

JT is styling.

Marilyn Monroe, work in progress.

You know that’s Neymar, right?

Go Steelers!

Shakira, my love.

Ya…the most retweeted photo ever looks great!

Wolverine is still awesome.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Enough said.

Hi Ellen!

Oh Harry.

Umm, hi too Ron.


And of course, Ms. Lawrence.

Check out this bonus video of her drawing Lebron James!

Did you find the fake? Yes? Well it was a trick question, just to test your skills. They were ALL created by Heather. Isn’t that amazing?! She’s almost like the world’s best color printer. I guess I don’t need to drop by the drug store to print off pictures anymore 😉 Source: Facebook via Elite Daily