I Think These People Love Movies Just A Little TOO Much. Check Out Their Houses.

How would you like to live aboard the Starship Enterprise? Inside the Batcave? Inside a TARDIS? It might be fun for a while. Then, you might change your mind when you think about the practical applications of actually having those iconic home decor items in your house, where you’d have to look at them—and clean them—every day. However, some people don’t mind those issues, and have chosen to construct rooms, and sometimes entire homes, based on designs found in popular movies and TV shows.

On a similar note, hotels offer themed rooms for people who want to experience it, but might not want to live it. We rounded up a few of the wackiest we could find.

Flintstones House

This Malibu home was once the summer residence of Dick Clark and his wife. The single story home has a cave-like interior, 22 acres of land, and great views of the ocean. Bottomless car not included.

Simon Dale built this real-life hobbit hole for his family and yes, they really live in it. Besides its obvious charm, Dale built this home as a low-impact, environmentally sustainable home. Dug into a hillside and insulated with straw bales, it requires no heating or cooling, is powered with solar panels, and collects rainwater. Dale built it almost completely from recycled and found items. Adorable and sustainable? The Baggins would approve.

The Tron Suite

This isn’t a house, but rather a suite in Sweden’s Ice Hotel, where the rooms and furniture are completely carved out of ice. The suites’ themes change from year to year. This one, inspired by Tron: Legacy, incorporated the iconic blue circuitry lighting into the ice walls. So it’s Tron as well as ice, making it doubly crazy.

Star Trek Mansion

This enormous Florida mansion isn’t just Star Trek-themed; it probably has more rooms than the series had sets. Some of its rooms, like the home theater and the bar pictured here, recreate areas of the Enterprise. Non-trekkies can retreat to any of the other, more conventionally decorated rooms.

Dr. Who Room

This TARDIS control room created by JP Fox has all the blinking lights and sound effects your little heart desires. He explains some of why he created this in a video interview, but it’s pretty obvious it was just for the fun of it. The design is original, and while it draws heavy reference from the show’s many incarnations of the control room.

Batman House

The Eden Motel in Taiwan offers themed rooms, including this Batman-themed one. Sounds like a childhood dream, you say? Hold that thought. The Eden Motel is one of those hotels where the room rates are by the hour, if you catch my drift. Creeped out yet? Me too. But when you take the less-than-savory implications out, it’s a Batman room! That still counts for something.

So, what do you think? Do these rooms seem like a fantasy come true (despite the erotic overtones in the Batman room) or a kitschy, nerdy nightmare? To be honest, I could probably live in that Hobbit house.