I Believed…Every…One…Of These 26 Misconceptions. But I Was So Wrong. Wow.

Most people believe what we’re told by others. We’re a very trusting people. After all, why would anyone want to lie about the year the Declaration of Independence was signed, or how many times Thomas Edison failed to invent the light bulb? Well it’s all well and good until one day you realize that just because you’ve heard something many times, it doesn’t make it true. (Although I still claim BigFoot is real!) Here’s 26 misconceptions that prove this point. But a quick warning to the wanna be wise, you’ll never take what others say for granted again!

Can you believe that organic food isn’t pesticide free! Why am I paying for the “Whole Foods premium?” Ughhhh, oh well. I need to go grab me some watermelon… (H/T eBaum’s World)