How This Is Possible Is Beyond Me… But Watching It Happen Is Just Amazing. WOW.

Meet Sulo Karjalainen, or as he is better known in his native Finland as, “Bearman”. The 73-year-old runs Kuusamo Large Carnivore Centre with his brother Jalo, which has been home to more than 20 orphaned brown bears. After working on a research project studying Finnish carnivores, Sulo was asked if he would mind taking in some cubs, and over the years a deep bond has grown up between Sulo and his furry companions. The Fin, who has lived on the same farm all his life, has become a bit of a celebrity in his homeland due to his incredible relationship with the enormous predators – even starring in his own TV documentary. At present Sulo looks after six bears, and has no plans to retire any time soon.

For such ferocious and unmitigated killing machines, these guys sure are unbearably cute and playful. Source: Barcroft TV Share this ‘beary’ crazy video with your friends below.